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REIKI is a simple, safe and complete hands on therapy to access a natural vibration energy which promotes healing processes at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is an excellent preventive as well as cure technique. It is applicable to self, others, animals, plants, food etc. Reiki helps balance the body systems; releases toxins and restores the depleted energies as well as promotes increased vitality and longevity.

The science of REIKI can be traced back to Tibet and was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. REIKI was introduced to the western world by Hawayo Takata.

Uniqueness and Benefits of Reiki:

· Easy to learn and apply
· Healing ability is acquired within a few minutes
· Once acquired will remain for life-long
· Enhances awareness and inner peace and harmony
· Deep level relaxation and stress release
· Detoxifies and energises
· Boosts the body’s own resistance to fight ailments
· Addresses discomforts at root level
· Enhances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth
· A simple way to learn distant healing and multiple targets healing
· Enhances memory, creativity, mental clarity and intuition
· Treats common health problems, sports injuries, flu, burns, migraines, allergies... etc.
· Complements and increases the benefits of traditional and alternative medicine
· Speeds up healing process and relief pain

Reiki and the Palliative Care

Reiki is beneficial for hospice staff and caregivers as well as clients and their families.

For hospice staff, whose jobs are highly demanding, Reiki is definitely a great help. Reiki keeps the mind focused and boosts mental clarity and creativity. Reiki restores and balances the physically and mentally drained body more effectively.

For clients, Reiki alleviates physical discomfort and lowers anxiety levels. Most importantly, Reiki heightens awareness to help understand death, accept death gracefully. Thus, enabling more enjoyment and a greater quality of life before transition, leading to a final transition which is easier and more peaceful for themselves and their family members.

About the Practitioner and Instructor

Bee Keow Lim (Bee) comes from Malaysia. She holds a master degree in education, and a master practitioner and teacher degree in the Usui system of Reiki. She is a fully qualified teacher; she taught in schools and gave lectures at universities and provided private tutoring. Since 2002, she has been working as a Reiki practitioner and teacher in New Zealand and Malaysia. She is a compassionate, passionate and intuitive healer. Currently, she is working on multi-discipline healing, which integrates Reiki, sound therapy, nutrition, healthy life style and Qi Gong (Ancient Chinese energy exercise).

Reiki Healing/Relaxation session

Reiki treatment is carried out with the recipient having their clothes on, lying on a massage table, in a quiet and relaxed environment. Soothing and healing music is played to improve the vibration of the atmosphere.

Hands on healing is carried out using standard hand positions throughout the body. Intuitive healing is also conducted. A comprehensive Reiki treatment usually takes about an hour.


One person - 1 hour: $50 or ½ hour: $30
Group healing - ½ hour standard treatment:
2 persons: $15 each
3-5 persons: $10 each
Group healing - 1 hour standard treatments:
2 persons: $30 each
3 persons: $20 each
4-5 persons: $15 each

Contact: Those who are interested in the course or healing/relaxing session,
please contact Bee Keow Lim (Bee) at (09) 5282177 or Mobile: 0210401152 or email bkeowlim@yahoo.com.au

Reiki Classes

Courses are divided into 4 levels: Level 1, 2, 3a and 3b. Level 1 is introductory and focuses on hands on healing. In level 2, more advance healing techniques are introduced. The course also covers distant healing and multiple targets healing. Level 3a is a master practitioner level, which imparts powerful healing techniques. This further strengthens healing abilities, uncovers more potential and brings about higher degree of personal development. In Level 3b, master teacher level where attunement techniques for various Reiki levels are taught. Medium of instruction can be in English or Chinese (Mandarin). Small class teaching which emphasises on theory and practical is carried out in a fun and relaxed environment. Motivation and reinforcement are achieved through regular follow-up group practice and healing sessions. Special one-on-one class can be arranged.

Download the latest flyer with information about the upcoming courses in February and March 2009 here

Venue: Amitabha Hospice, 44 Powell Street, Avondale

Contact: Bee (09)5282177 or cell phone: 0210401152 or email: bkeowlim@yahoo.com.au

Testimonials about the Course and Treatments

1. " Really enjoyed the pesentation. Your enthusiasm and passion was very attractive..."

2. " The course is very clear and concise. Lots of interaction. Good pactical. Always explained well."

3. "I benefited a lot from the course--a real milestone in my spiritual journey. I felt lighter these days and I really did feel my awareness level has hiked up a few notches...".

4. " It was magical! The pain simply disappeared. I felt as though I was going through a journey."

5. " I was fully relaxed and peaceful."


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